Tally Affiliates

Tally Affiliates

Get paid to recommend Tally to your network.

Refer customers to Tally and get 20% recurring commissions every month.

Here’s how our affiliate partner program works:

1. Sign up for free

Anyone can become an affiliate partner or Tally, all you need to do is share you unique affiliate link with your audience to start earning recurring commissions.

2. Recurring commissions

We send you a 20% commission for every person who signs up for Tally Pro (= new paying customer) through your affiliate link — and you’ll get a 20% commission every month for as long as they’re a customer.

3. Earn every month

We don't have an automated affiliate system (with shared dashboard and automated payments) yet, but will share an export of new sign-up's and arrange the pay-out with you on a monthly basis. Contact us for more info.

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