Tally Features

Tally Features

Creating forms with Tally is free. 99% of our features are available to all users without limits on creating forms, input blocks or respondents. Our Pro plan offers empowering features tailored to the advanced needs of teams and creators.

🛳 We're shipping new features everyday, head over to our roadmap to see what's next.

Tally Free

The simplest way to create forms for free.

Create forms for free, without limits

Unlimited forms

Create and store as many forms as you like.

Unlimited submissions

Collect responses without limits.

Unlimited questions

Get access to all question and answer types.

Collect any type of data

Access to all input blocks

Choose from over 20 input blocks.

Accept payments

Create payment forms (5% commission).

Collect signatures

Collect simple electronic signatures.

Hidden fields

Include data in your form URL for better insights.

File upload (10MB)

Collect files, with a maximum of 10MB file size.

Template gallery

Start from pre-made templates and share your own.

Calculator Use your respondent’s answers to calculate scores, prices, and more.

Conditional logic

Create smart forms with if/then conditions.

Answer piping

Insert answers or hidden fields into your forms.

Customize to your needs

Custom thank you screen

Give the last page of your form a personal touch.

Custom cover and logo

Upload a cover and logo that matches your brand.

Text editing

Change font colors, add highlights, headings or a divider.

Add images

Upload an image, add an image URL, or choose from Unsplash.

Redirect on completion Lead your respondents to another web page or form and pass on data.

Embed video and more Embed any online content (audio, video, maps, calendars...)


Add pages to create multi-step forms.

Close forms On a scheduled date or set a response limit or custom close message.

Multiple language support We support Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish and Korean.

Embed forms Make forms blend in your website by embedding them or creating a popup.

Email notifications Get notified for new form submissions.

Pre-populate fields Pre-fill questions with known data or a default value.



Sync your responses to Airtable.


Sync your responses to a Notion database.


Send form responses to your Slack channel or DM.

Google Sheets

Export and sync your results to Google Sheets.


Connect with apps and automate workflows.


Connect to 2.000+ web apps.


Send form submissions to a URL or third-party web app.

More integrations coming soon!

Tally Pro

$29/month or $290/year (save 17%)

For teams and creators

Team collaboration

Invite unlimited team members to collaborate.


Group related forms and manage access.

Remove Tally Branding

Have your forms seamlessly represent your brand.

Skip commission on payments

Remove the 5% commission on payment forms.

Customizable email notifications

Send custom emails after form submission to yourself the respondent.

Unlimited file uploads

Remove the 10 MB file size limit.

Partial Submissions

Capture unfinished form responses before respondents click submit.

Custom domains

Use your own domains to customize your Tally form URLs


Track your forms with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.